Nintendo’s approach to online gaming.. Yikes!

Notoriously, Nintendo’s online gaming has been terrible when compared with its direct competition of PlayStation and Microsoft. We as humans are at a point in our modern history where the world is as small as its ever been. Phone calls across the world are connected in seconds, emails sent anywhere to anyone, text messages, snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on and on. Inclusion is the word here, as social media opens up the ability to interact with anyone from anywhere and any time. Some of these apps include calls and voice chats, a staple of modern gaming since Xbox Live was introduced in the 90s.

Nintendo has often, though curiously not always, avoided a voice chat friendly approach to online gaming. This can be seen in most every console they’ve made, though they have offered some alternatives that were never easy to setup and never as intuitive to use. The Wii had Wii Chat, and the Wii U had some built in systems for certain games. The Switch has been a regression from even these modest options offered by Nintendo. I could chat with friends on Mario Kart 8 for Wii U right through the Gamepad, but, as far as I’m aware, I can’t do it on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in any capacity.

Voice Chat aside, the act of even playing games with players on your friends list is painful at best, and sometimes impossible. Splatoon 2, a game seemingly built to be played with friends, doesn’t offer an in game invite system, nor the ability to voice chat without the use of an external app. For a co-operative shooter, it makes no sense why Nintendo would make teaming up with people you actually know so difficult. In fact, no first party Nintendo game has a messaging or invite system.

Now news has surfaced that Nintendo has made playing online with friends in Mario Maker 2 impossible, yet they do allow you to play with strangers. Doth my ears deceive me? What?! This is so ass backwards it makes my head hurt. Why would I want to play with someone I don’t know and who I can’t speak to anyway in a game like this?

For all Nintendo does well in gaming, it’s actually baffling how bad they are with online gaming. The simplest aspects are made mind-numbingly difficult, and with no messaging or invite system it begs the question, why even have a friends list?

That question can be answered by the simple answer that some third party games do make it easy to play together. Rocket League, Paladins, Doom, amongst others have their own built in invite and messaging systems. Having friends then makes sense for these third party games but if you don’t play these games, having friends means looking at a list of people you will almost certainly never easily play games with.

Nintendo is about 10 years behind the undisputed leaders of the industry in this regard, a self-inflicted wound that can only be healed by offering services worthy of the time we live.

New Site Feature: Sidebar game info/game specific music

I’ve made some additions to the site today that I think adds a little something special to Nintendo Nation. When you check out our posts related to a game, you will now see in the sidebar on PC and tablet, and in the footer on mobile devices, some information about the game in which the post is related. You’ll also see a track bar on a lot of the pages. This is a music track either from the specific game or the specific series. There’s something kind of fun about listening to Yoshi music while I’m reading Yoshi’s Crafted World news, or Mario Tennis Aces tunes in the background while I catch up on the latest patch notes.

Nintendo Nation new sidebar feature

I will be updating as many of the backposts as I can with this type of content, so if you feel like browsing the site and listening to some game specific music, be sure to check that out. I’ll also be switching up the featured tunes more often, and that will appear only on the homepage from now on. Opening at least 1 additional tab is the best way to utilize this content, as the music does stop as you navigate away from the page. Having multiple tabs open to the site ensures that your song selection will keep playing as you move from page to page. I hope you like this new feature!

What a Steal! Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded

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So will you steal this deal? Let us know in the Comment section!

6 Times Nintendo Games Moved us to Tears

Nintendo games aren’t exactly known for their deep story telling, but there have been times through the years where they have left players around the world feeling all the feels. It may have been tears of joy or tears of sadness, or maybe tears from laughing way too hard. Regardless of how it happened, here are 6 memorable times that Nintendo games left us in tears. Warning: Potential story spoilers ahead.

#6 Xenoblade Chronicles 2: “Brigid Can See”

Monolithsoft, which as an external development studio is 96% owned by Nintendo, crafted an incredibly touching story with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’m only going to pick one scene from this game to keep a little variety in the article. But let’s be clear, I could write an article titled ‘6 times Xenoblade Chronicles 2 brought us to tears.’ There are so many good moments in this game.

To start the list off, how about when Rex almost gives up when Pyra is taken away by Jin and Malos in Tantal? This interaction leads to the only time in the game where Brigid opens her eyes, and that is significant, and it makes this scene one of the most powerful cutscenes in all of video games. The cutscene immediately following this one, where Rex needs to be convinced to continue his journey, and every member does their part to convince him to stick with it so that will happen, is just a great way to really reiterate to the player how desperate the character and the situation has become.

#5 Super Mario Galaxy: “Rosalina’s Storybook”

Super Mario Galaxy is not a game you’d likely expect to pull at the heart strings, but that’s exactly what Rosalina’s storybook reading does. In the library of the hub, you can sit down and listen to a story of Luma and a little girl who go in search of Luma’s mother. Midway through the trip, the little girl realizes that she too will never see her own mother again. Making the best of the situation, the girl builds a home for her and Luma to live in on their turquoise comet. Soon more Lumas would join them, and the little girl was now affectionately known as “Mama.”

The little girl decides she would like to go back to her home planet to be with her mother and father. In an act of great love, the original Luma transforms into a comet itself, and flies in the direction of the blue planet the little girl once called home. Though they only return once every 100 years, the little girl realizes that as the Luma’s mother, she must care for them until they are ready to leave home, and see them off with a smile. That is every mother’s responsibility to their children.

#4 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: “Saying Goodbye to Saria”

This game makes the list not as the greatest Zelda game, arguably, which might be enough to bring people tears of joy. What a wonderful game! However, there is one scene in particular that brings up some pretty strong emotions, and that is when Link leaves Kokiri Village and says good bye to Saria.

Though you haven’t known Saria for long in terms of game time, it’s very apparent that she is Link’s best friend, and saying goodbye to a friend is always hard. You’ll have interactions later in the game with the little forest girl, but this moment is so touching because it really does feel like goodbye. The way Link hesitates just a moment before running out of the woods is such a subtle, yet brilliant, touch. Nintendo wonderfully captured the seldom spoken of uncertainty of goodbyes.

#3 The Wonderful 101: “Jerjingha Goes Down”

The Wonderful 101 makes the list not for sadness, though there are some of those moments in the game. Nope, it’s for the mix of emotions during and after the final boss fight, a true classic in gaming history. It is, without question, one of the most intense, over the top fights in the history of video games, and there is so much happening on screen.

There is the Punch Out! style fighting, which is so good, and when it comes to the final blow, the game showers beams of light all over the screen. Your characters scream out absolutely ridiculous battle cries, and the team’s desire to save the world from an awesome enemy finally comes to fruition in the most epic of ways. It is stunning how the game builds everything up to one amazing final moment. Then it ends, and you’re left there, breathing heavy, swelled up with emotion that shouldn’t come from pixels on a screen. It is amazing.

#2 Xenoblade Chronicles: “Fiora’s Death”

Just like the sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Xenoblade Chronicles has a few moments you could easily select for a list like this. The game evokes intense feelings…I can remember exactly how I felt and the exact moment I felt it when I first noticed Bionis and Mechanis in the skyline. That left such a deep impression on me because I had never imagined such a thing as being possible.

The moment we have chosen for this list is when Metal Face attacks Colony 9 and “kills” Fiora. Shulk’s reaction is one of the realest you will find in all of gaming, filled with pain and angst for the loss of his friend. It is so powerful, the raw emotion is palpable. Shulk reacts even more passionately than Fiora’s own brother, Dunban. From that moment I knew Xenoblade Chronicles would be a special game, and I think back on that scene often and how I couldn’t help but well-up with sadness for Shulk.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: “The Plan Didn’t Work”

Breath of the Wild has several cutscenes with Link and Zelda that are heartwrenching, to say the least. The one that stands out most to me though, is when Link and Zelda are running through the forest and it is raining, hand in hand. They are both dirty and tattered and suddenly Zelda slips and falls to the ground. In one of Link’s most touching gestures in all of The Legend of Zelda, and one that went largely unnoticed by fans, he tosses the Master Sword off to the side, his only concern being the condition of his leige, Princess Zelda.

The scene continues with Zelda berating herself for the failures. Everything she had worked so hard to achieve to this point hasn’t worked, and all Link can do is listen in support, which he does by looking her in the eye with extreme sorrow and compassion. Eventually Zelda collapses into Link’s arms, the weight of everything they had tried, and failed to do, coming to a head. She sobs in his grasp, as the memory fades, and I’m crying. Tell me video games aren’t art after watching that scene.

Did we miss any that would have made your list? Add to the Nintendo Nation conversation in the Comment section below. And remember, keep updated with news, reviews, and all things Nintendo, on Nintendo Nation dot Net.

What a Steal!! ‘Violett’

A new feature for the website, each week I will pick one Nintendo Switch eshop deal that is so bananas how could you say no?

This week, the game ‘Violett’ is 95% off on the eshop. It usually sells for $9.99, but today it can be bought for $0.49. That is not a typo. I don’t know a whole lot about the game, but for 49 cents I am willing to learn.

Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imagines how boring life in countryside will be: spending day after day, bored in her room with absolutely nothing to do. But what she cannot imagine, is that in just few moments, she’ll have the adventure of her life.

To learn more about the game or to steal the purchase, head on over to the game details page.

Welcome to Nintendo Nation!!

Hi! If you have somehow stumbled to our humble little website, know that it means a lot to me. My name is Jon, and I am currently the sole owner/operator of and Nintendo Nation on YouTube. I understand how many sources of Nintendo content there are out there, and I am striving to make headway into that very competitive world. Your support is important to me, so thank you.

Going forward, Nintendo Nation hopes to become a trusted source for you, the reader and viewer. Whether it be the YouTube channel, written reviews, or daily news updates, I promise to bring family friendly Nintendo content. Even when I review mature titles, I will do my very best to make sure it is appropriate for all ages and safe viewing for kids.

Video games can be a big source of anger, hate, and general obnoxious behavior. Instead of feeding into that behavior, Nintendo Nation will strive to do the exact opposite.

We all have opinions, and each one is unique and valued. I may not like every game I review, but to find some good in a game can help developers who have given everything they have to that game. That’s why, when you read or watch one of our reviews, I will never rip a game apart, no matter how bad it might be.

I have a little foot in the door on social media, and I would sincerely love it if you followed our journey, like the posts, if you like them, and hey, just interact with me. I love talking video games, so if you have questions or comments about games, or just want to say hi, I am always open for that type of interaction.

There is one other full time member of my team. His name is Brick, and he runs our Instagram account. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. It is a never ending interconnected scroll of wacky Nintendo related art. You’ll also find little nods to our game review history, a visual time line of the progress we’ve made with the website. It’s very cool!

Thank you for checking out Nintendo Nation, and I hope to continue growing and learning new, fun, and exciting ways to bring you content for months and years to come.