New Site Feature: Sidebar game info/game specific music

I’ve made some additions to the site today that I think adds a little something special to Nintendo Nation. When you check out our posts related to a game, you will now see in the sidebar on PC and tablet, and in the footer on mobile devices, some information about the game in which the post is related. You’ll also see a track bar on a lot of the pages. This is a music track either from the specific game or the specific series. There’s something kind of fun about listening to Yoshi music while I’m reading Yoshi’s Crafted World news, or Mario Tennis Aces tunes in the background while I catch up on the latest patch notes.

Nintendo Nation new sidebar feature

I will be updating as many of the backposts as I can with this type of content, so if you feel like browsing the site and listening to some game specific music, be sure to check that out. I’ll also be switching up the featured tunes more often, and that will appear only on the homepage from now on. Opening at least 1 additional tab is the best way to utilize this content, as the music does stop as you navigate away from the page. Having multiple tabs open to the site ensures that your song selection will keep playing as you move from page to page. I hope you like this new feature!

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