Monday Report: 1/28/19

Monday Report for the week of 1/28. Here’s a rundown of how last week went, and a look ahead at what is in the pipeline.

Our first giveaway ended on Friday and three winners were selected from our Twitter account, and thank you to those who participated. It can’t be stated often enough that we appreciate everyone that takes the time and the chance on our website.

Last week we had also saw some big news directly from Nintendo regarding Metroid Prime 4. It wasn’t so good, but at least Nintendo showed transparency.

We released our first episode of Nintendo Revisionist History, featuring The Wonderful 101 on YouTube. It has gotten a nice amount of views for our first video, so thanks.

Looking ahead, we will continue to update the website daily. We have a new contest taking place on Twitter which has been quite popular so far, so check that out too. And, we have a couple YouTube videos in early editing stages. Our hope is to release at least one content heavy video each week, ideally by Thursday. We won’t always hit that mark, but that will be the goal going forward. And on top of that, we are working on a new banner and a more PC friendly site design.

Thanks for being a part of Nintendo Nation.

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